I am impressed with Altech batteries and their durability. They are totally a power packed product that is worth buying without burning your pockets. To measure how well this is working but the 36 month batteries are still going strong at 48 months.

I would like to take a moment to thank Altech Batteries for their best-in-quality battery and satisfactory customer services.It resulted in enhanced performance and created many more new business prospects. Thanks again.

L & T


Thank you so much for all your work getting our solar set up. It has been a pleasure having you on board as it will always be our intent to highly recommend you to anybody looking to go solar, looking for integrity and honesty in a tradesman.

I know now the Altech Batteries really works! I tried it on my golf cart with 3 year old batteries. After a month of using the Altech Batteries, my batteries improved from 50% to 100%. I am going to recommend this to every one of my customers.